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New battle, same old war

Who: Dr. Cox, Dr. Kelso, open
Where: Sacred Heart
When: Daytime

Perry wheeled Mrs. Harrington back into her room, having just snuck her into have her chest x-rayed. She'd been admitted that morning, unconcious, and he'd learned just an hour ago that she didn't have any insurance to speak of, so he'd jumped to get her into labs ordered for the most recently deceased patient Carla could dig up - it wasn't exactly hard finding one now that Nervous Guy was running around, of course.

It was rare that he'd been found out about his undercover fraud when it came to helping out his patients like this, but he wasn't stupid enough not to be careful when he had to do this. Secretly, he loved it. The sneaking around, helping people who actually need it, and the chance of getting caught and pissing the everloving crap out of Big Bob. It was what he lived for, really.

"Don't look confused if you hear me, or any of the nursing staff referring to you as 'Mrs. Gerrity', got it?" he asked his patient, leaning down to whisper into her ear conspiratorily.
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"Excuse me Perry but I couldn't help but overhear your little conversation and wondered if you wouldn't mind stepping into my office for a chat," Kelso spat out in a manner that didn't really sound like a request, more like an order being barked from a drill sargent. Stalking the halls, waiting for something to stuff up, took up ninety-nine percent of Doctor Kelso's time. And seeing Cox break his number one rule (hinder the ability of the hospital to make money) was really trying the limits of how polite he could be in front of the patient.
Perry straightened up, handing off his patient to the first nurse to pass by and telling her Mrs. "Gerrity"s room number, all the while staring Kelso in the eye. "Robert! Well gee, its great to see you found the time to leave your office today, but the muffin basket is over that-a-way," he threw his thumb over his shoulder in the direction of the emergency exit doors, great big shit-eating-grin spread across his face. He was ignoring the order to meet in the man's office because hell, if he had to be in the line of fire, he might as well take down a few innocent bystanders while he was it.
"Can the sweet talk Perry, quite frankly I couldn't care less about the little show you put on to look like the 'big man on campus.' I've been informed that "Mrs Gerrity" is actually deceased and this patient does not have insurance," Kelso was so mad you could almost see the veins in his forehead pounding. It was an almost daily routine, Cox would break the rules, Kelso would attempt to reprimand him and then Cox would defy orders, and do the exact same thing the very next day.

"Doctor Cox we both know that hospitals cannot run without a source of income, and if we just give out procedures to everyone with a cough and those sad eyes you just can't resist then this hospital would be running on empty. Now you better come up with a damn good explaination in the next 3 seconds or you can bet your bottom dollar you WILL be made an example of."

Each word was said with growing contempt.
Perry's eyes narrowed in annoyance, accented by his patented nose-swipe and crossing arms. Whoever had tipped the old devil off was definately going on his shit list, and he made a mental note to figure out who the culprit was by the end of the day. "Well, seeing as human decency definately isn't a good reason, I'm gonna have to fall back on the ever faithful 'just to piss you off, Bob.' How's that tickle you?" he asked, grin returning.
"You are skating on very thin ice, Doctor. You seem to be forgetting which one of us is Cheif of Medicine, let me refresh your memory," Kelso said feigning a grin, "Bob Kelso. Now Ted has advised me that after we have performed procedures on a patient we have to keep them in our care until they are in a stable enough condition to be discharged, some crap about Duty of Care. But, in saying that, let it be known that if you do anything with this patient that is not neccessary, you will be out of my hospital faster than my wife can eat a case of donuts."

Bob's mood had not appeared to have changed much over the course of the conversation, but inside he was so furious he felt as if he were about to explode.
Ahh, good old Teddy. Perry's grin turned cocky as he was told about that particularly handy law. "Doesn't that just burn all the way down here, Bob?" he asked, making a fist and patting where one would imagine the pit of his stomach would be. He shook his head and laughed, already working on how to keep Mrs. Harrington just sick enough to get a diagnosis out of her and treat it before Kelso could grab her by the hospital gown and throw her out again.

"Now don't you worry about it, though, I'm sure a couple Tums and a nice big glass of goat's blood will make it right as rain. And oh, give Enid my best," he chuckled, hedging his way around Kelso so that he could sneak back into his patient's room and convince all her nurses that it was in her best interests to skip a few routine procedures.
"Caught again?" Carla smirked from behind the nurses' station. "If you two don't start playing nice, I'm going to have to seperate you."

She walked around the desk to put the patient's files back in the rack, then turned back to Perry.

"So what now, Robin Hood?"
Perry turned his attention to Carla, a small smile sprouting up. "That depends, are you Maid Marian?" he asked, brow quirking, almost - dare I say it - leering at her. "I could go steal Bob's wallet and give it to the homeless guy out front if that's what gets you going nowadays."

He could totally do the bad boy thing if it would one-up the little surgeon boy she was unfortunately enamored with.
Carla giggled, then playfully slapped Perry's arm and rolled her eyes. "Nice try, but Not. Gonna. Happen," She finished with a sassy finger flourish. "Now, what can I do for Mrs. Gerrity?" She said with a cocked eyebrow.
"Ooh, harder next time," he chuckled, but let the flirting go for now.

"Take her off everything but the saline drip until we get those labs back. Bob's letting her stay as long as she's stable, so I don't wanna see her vitals levelling off until she's treated. Also, see if you can't dig up another stiff on the sly just in case she needs to stay for a few nights. I'm gonna go see if I can't scare the lab tech into hurrying the hell up with the test results so we can get this thing before she has the chance to so much as sneeze." He was already heading down the hallway toward the labs, but turned around quickly and started walking backwards once he was out of slapping range.

"Your hair looks sexy when you wear it down like that," he smirked, voice raised so that near-everyone in the hall could hear him, then turned back around as he rounded the corner, slapping the corner of the wall as he passed it, just to make some more noise.
"Oh. No. You. Didn'!!!" She snapped, glaring at the back of the annoying Irishman's curly head.

"Can you believe that man!?" Carla exclaimed to a fellow nurse.
Kelso grumbled, mummering something under his breath before giving both Carla and Perry that 'I'm going to kill you' look, turning on his heel and heading back in the dirrection of his office.

That Doctor Cox made him so made he just wanted to throttle him.