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IC chatting

It started with a quote, and we all just ran with it. I don't think its set in one specific place, even though we decided it ends up at the bar ^^; it jumps around a little.

We should discuss times when ALL of us can be online so we have everyone joining in :D

fadeinonme (7:49:31 PM): "Can you pull of contrite?" "Can you pull off manly way?"
Nighthawkin2004 (7:49:44 PM): lol
emmyknickers (7:49:46 PM): lol
Belle en Hiver (7:50:02 PM): *giggle*
fadeinonme (7:51:44 PM): Annyway, *cough* I am not sad in my episode...looking up..ness... and I'm so going to find that song from the latest episode... randomly enough
emmyknickers (7:51:58 PM): JD: I can too pull of manly! *beats chest and winces* Ouchies...*ahem* See?
Nighthawkin2004 (7:52:00 PM): lol
fadeinonme (7:52:05 PM): Hehe
fadeinonme (7:52:07 PM): >.>
Nighthawkin2004 (7:52:19 PM): Jantor: Uh hu.
fadeinonme (7:52:36 PM): Dan: I should start calling you little sister. : D
Belle en Hiver (7:52:49 PM): Perry: Saw that coming.
Nighthawkin2004 (7:53:32 PM): Janitor: Maybe I should get him a special pass for Pink scrubs
Belle en Hiver (7:53:57 PM): Perry: *quirks brow* You can't do that. ... can you do that?
emmyknickers (7:54:40 PM): JD: HEY...I am too a manly man...*pokes Perry* Take that, bi-atch!
emmyknickers (7:54:55 PM): JD: I already have a pair of pink scrubs, so hah. *snaps fingers*
Nighthawkin2004 (7:54:59 PM): Janitor: *holds up giant set of keys*
Belle en Hiver (7:56:05 PM): Perry: ... swear to God, it gets worse by the day. *hard sigh*
Nighthawkin2004 (7:56:34 PM): Janitor: Eh, I still think I get it wore from him
emmyknickers (7:56:34 PM): JD: Do you *really* have a key to *every*thing?
Nighthawkin2004 (7:56:52 PM): Janitor: EVERYTHING.
fadeinonme (7:57:59 PM): Dan: A key to everything? Hell yes! I could have fun with that! >:D Ben and I will have to stea-...borrow them sometime.
Ged chan (7:58:29 PM): Ben: *just started paying attention* Huh?
emmyknickers (7:58:36 PM): JD: NO...don't! Don't do that! XD
emmyknickers (7:58:45 PM): JD: I don't need anyone else having the keys to my locker...
fadeinonme (7:58:55 PM): Dan: The janitor has a key to EVERYTHING, Ben!
Ged chan (7:59:12 PM): Ben: What are Dan and I doing in your locker JD- awesome!
fadeinonme (7:59:13 PM): Dan: Imagine the possibilities there!
fadeinonme (7:59:37 PM): Dan: We could have fun in your locker. D'you still keep a journal, Johnny? :D
emmyknickers (7:59:43 PM): JD: You're doing nothing in my locker!
emmyknickers (7:59:47 PM): JD: No! *red*
Ged chan (7:59:47 PM): Ben: I'm sure you could do enough imagining for the both of us, Dan
Nighthawkin2004 (7:59:51 PM): Janitor: Hrm, I could bebougt, foraprice
emmyknickers (8:00:00 PM): JD: Ew! No! No, no, no! Not in front of me! *shields eyes*
fadeinonme (8:00:41 PM): Dan: I could imagine plenty. And, God, little bro this is all just worth it to see you freak.
Ged chan (8:00:49 PM): Ben: *looks thoughtful*
fadeinonme (8:00:51 PM): Dan: Price, oh, janitor... what price? : )
Nighthawkin2004 (8:01:13 PM): Janitor: *grabs his hands and forces them apart* Come on kid, don't you wanna watch real men for once?
emmyknickers (8:01:14 PM): JD: EW! *heads to Dr. Cox for hide-ability*
Nighthawkin2004 (8:01:42 PM): Janitor: I'll give you the keys if you get me access to his apartment
emmyknickers (8:02:15 PM): JD: No! Stop it! Someone make them stop! *stomps foot* I demand you stop *now*.
emmyknickers (8:02:19 PM): *pokes Dan*
Ged chan (8:02:57 PM): Ben: *sneaks up behind JD and slips arm around his waist* You sure about that?
Belle en Hiver (8:03:20 PM): Perry: *twitching*
emmyknickers (8:03:21 PM): *jumps* Iiee! *Jumps away from Ben* What are you *doing*?
fadeinonme (8:03:25 PM): Dan: Hmm... gotta weigh the pros and cons here- Aigh, little bro, don't poke me! I'll get you in a head lock and I won't let you out.
emmyknickers (8:03:45 PM): JD: I think I might cry...
splishybubbles (8:03:48 PM): Elliot: ...wow, this is awkward.
Ged chan (8:03:54 PM): Ben: Ever played helicopter?
emmyknickers (8:04:05 PM): JD: No..?
emmyknickers (8:04:14 PM): JD: But if it's you...
emmyknickers (8:04:20 PM): JD: I don't think I *even* want to know...
Ged chan (8:04:34 PM): Ben: *grins and picks him up, slings JD over his shoulder, and then spins him around*
emmyknickers (8:04:39 PM): JD: HELP
fadeinonme (8:04:46 PM): Dan: *grins*
emmyknickers (8:04:46 PM): JD: wooo! Spinny!
emmyknickers (8:04:55 PM): JD: *giggles* Faster!
Ged chan (8:05:05 PM): Ben: Hehe *spins in crazy fast circles*
Nighthawkin2004 (8:05:13 PM): Janitor: oooo, entertainment!
emmyknickers (8:05:15 PM): JD: *nauseous* Okay...you can stop now...I'm gonna hurl!
Belle en Hiver (8:05:22 PM): Perry: *groooans*
fadeinonme (8:05:32 PM): Dan: Don't stop! Don't stop!
emmyknickers (8:05:34 PM): JD: Dr. Cox, make him stop! He's *your* friend!
Ged chan (8:05:36 PM): Ben: Everyone loves the helicopter game... ok, down time for you >_> *carefully places JD on the ground*
fadeinonme (8:05:43 PM): Dan: Just kidding, I'm not a fan of vomit.
emmyknickers (8:05:44 PM): JD: *stumbles* Woo...
Ged chan (8:06:01 PM): Ben: *pats him on the back*
emmyknickers (8:06:09 PM): JD: *stumbles right into Ben*
Nighthawkin2004 (8:06:14 PM): Janitor: So, what'll it be? I can also get you private acess to the best makeout closets in the hospital
emmyknickers (8:06:17 PM): JD: *smirks at Dr. Cox*
Belle en Hiver (8:06:21 PM): Perry: *grabs JD's shoulder to stabilize him* Ben, what did the nice ladies down in pediatrics tell you when you did this last time?
Ged chan (8:06:48 PM): Ben: To be quiet?
Ged chan (8:07:07 PM): Ben: Then they screamed and ran when I went after them.
emmyknickers (8:07:09 PM): JD: Kids like noise. It's fun to be noisy. *stands up straight*
fadeinonme (8:07:18 PM): Dan: Oooh... okay, that's really worth it. With a rat, camera, and keys to every part of the building, NOTHING WILL STOP US! I can get ya in, Janitor.
Ged chan (8:07:51 PM): Ben: *Winks at Dan*
emmyknickers (8:07:55 PM): JD: Don't give him the keys! I'll..uh...alphabetize your closet for a month if you don't!
emmyknickers (8:08:10 PM): JD: You'll create a monster...*daydreams about Dan becoming Danzilla*
emmyknickers (8:08:24 PM): JD: He'd be so scary...but cute and plushy in toy form...
Ged chan (8:08:45 PM): Ben: Kinky O_o
fadeinonme (8:08:47 PM): Dan: I don't have a closet, I'm living on your couch!
Belle en Hiver (8:08:49 PM): Perry: *weird look*
Nighthawkin2004 (8:09:06 PM): Janitor: Eh, it's not worth it. Besides I'll have more fun wreaking havoc on your apartment than getting favors from you
emmyknickers (8:09:07 PM): JD: And you're going to find your *own* place soon like a big boy, aren't you?
emmyknickers (8:09:17 PM): JD: No, you're *not* coming into my apartment! I'll *move*
Ged chan (8:09:25 PM): Ben: *chuckles*
fadeinonme (8:09:49 PM): Dan: Maybe. But I think you need protection little bro, with all these stalkers and stuff, and Rowdy just ain't gonna cut it.
Ged chan (8:09:55 PM): Ben: Well, if we hang out in your aprtment, you could always join us *leers at JD playfully*
emmyknickers (8:10:29 PM): JD: Rowdy's fine...*looks at Ben* Say *what*???? But...he's my *brother*...that's it! Dan, why don't you move in with *BEN*?
fadeinonme (8:11:05 PM): Dan: I haven't even met the guy yet! what do you take me for a whore? : o
emmyknickers (8:11:09 PM): JD: And Rowdy's the best guard dog ever :D
Nighthawkin2004 (8:11:20 PM): Janitor: Hrm, maybe I should move in with Scooter
emmyknickers (8:11:23 PM): JD: Do I really have to answer that?
emmyknickers (8:11:25 PM): JD: NO
Ged chan (8:11:26 PM): Ben: Sounds fine to me, someone needs to make sure stops getting out of his cage and chewing holes in the crotch of my pants...
fadeinonme (8:11:30 PM): Dan: Uh-huh... you realize I'm now going to pretend to burglarize your apartment just to prove you wrong
Nighthawkin2004 (8:11:37 PM): Janitor: It'd be so much easier to torture him on a daily basis
emmyknickers (8:11:38 PM): JD: -_-
Ged chan (8:11:39 PM): Ben: Steve-y >_>
emmyknickers (8:11:49 PM): JD: I'll just crash with Elliot then, HA
splishybubbles (8:12:22 PM): Elliot: Only if I say you can.
Nighthawkin2004 (8:12:25 PM): Janitor: I'm sure Blond Nurse would let me room with Scooter once I talked to her...
fadeinonme (8:12:47 PM): Dan: Oh but we want to teach Stevey to chew on the crotch of pants! Just not on OUR pants...other people's, he's a good rat.
emmyknickers (8:12:50 PM): JD: Can I? Come on, Elliot...I'm being threatened by psycho, my brother, and a cute-yet-creepy guy
Nighthawkin2004 (8:13:05 PM): Janitor: Oh please Blond Nurse? I can't afford much to live in such a nice apartment without a roomie
emmyknickers (8:13:14 PM): JD: *glares at Janitor*
emmyknickers (8:13:40 PM): JD: And Elliot's not a *nurse*
Nighthawkin2004 (8:13:41 PM): Janitor: Unless you'd like to be my roomie. I wouldn't mind at all
splishybubbles (8:13:44 PM): Elliot: ...yeah, I guess, JD. As long as you don't talk to me on the toilet, and clean up after everything.
splishybubbles (8:13:55 PM): Elliot: and I mean EVERYTHING.
fadeinonme (8:14:02 PM): Dan: Even when you move, you'll still be threatened, lil bro. It's just the circle of life, Johnny, and don't start singing Lion King.
emmyknickers (8:14:03 PM): JD: But...I have to...clean...*hands twitch*
Nighthawkin2004 (8:14:06 PM): Janitor: Woops, I'm sorry I meant Blond doctor
Ged chan (8:14:09 PM): Ben: *watches in amusement and turns to Perry* See, this is why I got the wrong idea when I was taking pictures of the two of them *points at JD and the Janitor*
emmyknickers (8:14:38 PM): JD: It's the CIRCLE OF LIFE! Nanana...
splishybubbles (8:14:56 PM): Elliot: And you have to promise not to sing. Ever.
emmyknickers (8:15:02 PM): JD: From the day we arrived on the planet...
emmyknickers (8:15:06 PM): JD: But it's a good song...
emmyknickers (8:15:09 PM): JD: *pouts*
splishybubbles (8:15:19 PM): Elliot: Not when you sing it!
emmyknickers (8:15:33 PM): JD: What are you talkin' about? I'm a good singer :D
fadeinonme (8:15:37 PM): Dan: Through despaaair annd hooope- Damnit, Johnny!
emmyknickers (8:15:50 PM): JD: Ha ha
emmyknickers (8:15:52 PM): JD: :D
fadeinonme (8:15:55 PM): Dan: No, little bro, we come from a family of crappy singers, don't try to pretend.
fadeinonme (8:16:10 PM): Dan: And that smile is just askin for a head lock. >.>
emmyknickers (8:16:11 PM): JD: *daydreams about singing live in New York for SNL*
splishybubbles (8:16:31 PM): Elliot: ...riiiight.
emmyknickers (8:16:39 PM): JD: I'd be the headliner...
emmyknickers (8:16:45 PM): JD: Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!
emmyknickers (8:16:55 PM): JD: *looks around sheepishly* Sorry; missed that. What?
Nighthawkin2004 (8:17:31 PM): Janitor: You'd only be the headliner if someone taped you to the billboard
Nighthawkin2004 (8:17:40 PM): Janitor: I'd be happy to oblidge
emmyknickers (8:17:45 PM): JD: So's your face.
splishybubbles (8:18:38 PM): Elliot: You sing as well as you come up with comebacks.
fadeinonme (8:18:44 PM): Dan: Oooh, Johnny got you with the so's your face comment. Yeah, real biting there little bro, I thought I taught you better smack talk.
emmyknickers (8:18:48 PM): JD: So's your face!
emmyknickers (8:19:03 PM): JD: Smack *this* *snaps fingers* Hello!
splishybubbles (8:19:20 PM): Elliot: *Facepalm*
Belle en Hiver (8:19:29 PM): Perry: *smacks the back of JD's head*
emmyknickers (8:19:35 PM): JD: OUCH
emmyknickers (8:19:47 PM): JD: I meant my *HAND* people!
Belle en Hiver (8:19:56 PM): Perry: You can't give me an opening like that, Newbie. You just can't.
emmyknickers (8:20:11 PM): JD: *mumbles an inaudible retort to Dr. Cox*
Nighthawkin2004 (8:20:40 PM): Janitor: Aw, is Scooter having problems with his boyfriend?
emmyknickers (8:20:41 PM): JD: *hides behind Ben* Yeah, well...BEN didn't hit me...
Belle en Hiver (8:20:47 PM): Perry: What was that now? In my good ear this time. *leans in close and cups his ear*
emmyknickers (8:20:55 PM): JD: Uh...you're a godly doctor?
emmyknickers (8:20:59 PM): JD: *fake smile*
emmyknickers (8:21:49 PM): JD: *turns red* He's not my boyfriend.
emmyknickers (8:21:55 PM): JD: I don't even *have* a boyfriend.
fadeinonme (8:22:06 PM): Dan: that's not what I heard!
Nighthawkin2004 (8:22:20 PM): Janitor: Oh, he's loney. Don't worry, I'm sure we can find someone for you
emmyknickers (8:22:22 PM): JD: Well, you heard wrong. Bet you heard Mom's new husband right when he kicked you out... hello!
Nighthawkin2004 (8:22:24 PM): *lonely
Belle en Hiver (8:22:34 PM): Perry: Can't argue with that.
Ged chan (8:22:47 PM): Ben: *looks behind and sees JD*
emmyknickers (8:23:02 PM): JD: Dr. Cox can't argue with something? *stays hidden behind Ben to stay protected* Well, something new everyday!
Belle en Hiver (8:24:09 PM): Perry: Ben, would you hit him for me?
emmyknickers (8:24:22 PM): JD: *gives Ben puppy eyes* Come on, I'm too cute to hit
Nighthawkin2004 (8:24:40 PM): Janitor: Hrm, anyways *hands Dan some keys*
Ged chan (8:25:44 PM): Ben:Well, you do have a point... but Perry is my best friend... *grins evily as he picks him up and drags him over to Perry*
Ged chan (8:25:52 PM): Ben: Problem solved =D
emmyknickers (8:26:06 PM): JD: NOooooooo!
emmyknickers (8:26:20 PM): JD: *scrambles to hide behind Ben again and just hopes that Dr. Cox won't catch him*
Nighthawkin2004 (8:27:01 PM): Janitor: Oooo, Scooter abuse! My favorite passtime!
Ged chan (8:27:13 PM): Ben: Don't make me come back there, I wouldn't smack you, but I would deffinitely do something to you. *smirk*
emmyknickers (8:27:16 PM): JD: Janitor...have I ever told you that you're evil?
emmyknickers (8:27:29 PM): JD: *is torn between really wanting to hide behind Ben again just to see what he'd do*
Belle en Hiver (8:27:45 PM): Perry: huh. That works too. *moves around Ben quickly and tags JD again*
emmyknickers (8:28:00 PM): JD: Ouchie! *pokes Dr. Cox back out of reflex*
emmyknickers (8:28:01 PM): O.o
emmyknickers (8:28:04 PM): JD: I'm dead.
emmyknickers (8:28:09 PM): JD: I know I am. Aren't I?
fadeinonme (8:28:13 PM): Dan: WOOH, KEYS! *hands janitor apartment key in return all slyly*
Ged chan (8:28:15 PM): Ben: Was it worth it?
fadeinonme (8:28:19 PM): Dan: Even I know that wasn't a smart move, Johnny
Ged chan (8:28:35 PM): Ben: *pokes Perry too, because it's just fun to tease him*
splishybubbles (8:28:40 PM): Elliot: Wouldn't really expect anything else, though.
emmyknickers (8:29:03 PM): JD: Elliot...you've got fingers of steel! Hold 'em back while I make a break for it!
Ged chan (8:29:22 PM): Ben:*switches his attention to Elliot and gives her a flirty smile* Hey Elliot
Nighthawkin2004 (8:29:49 PM): Janitor: Ah, perfect *pockets the keys*
splishybubbles (8:29:55 PM): Elliot: You're on your own. And.....hi? *O.O*
emmyknickers (8:30:07 PM): JD: *has just noticed the exchange between Janitor and Dan* NO!
Ged chan (8:30:12 PM): Ben: *chuckles*
Nighthawkin2004 (8:30:13 PM): Janitor: *takes out giant notebook* I've been saving these ideas for just this type o occasion
emmyknickers (8:30:47 PM): JD: Why is everybody PICKING on me?
Belle en Hiver (8:30:52 PM): Perry: *growls, grabs the back of JD's scrubs top* Did I give you permission to retaliate, Newbie?
emmyknickers (8:30:59 PM): JD: O.O
fadeinonme (8:31:11 PM): Dan: Sorry, little bro. KEYS TO EVERYWHERE. It's a temptation too hard to resist.
emmyknickers (8:31:13 PM): JD: Wow...did you know your eyes get really blue and scary when you're really mad?
Belle en Hiver (8:31:26 PM): Perry: o_O
Ged chan (8:31:46 PM): Ben: *head turns to JD's direction for a moment to say "It's cause you're cute." then goes back to giving Elliot flirty looks*
emmyknickers (8:31:59 PM): JD: *blushes* Ben...help m-... -_-
emmyknickers (8:32:14 PM): JD: Just so long as Turk remembers my last wishes, it was so worth it.
splishybubbles (8:32:15 PM): Elliot: ....JD, that's kiiiindaaa freaky. *Will continue O.O-ing at Ben*
Nighthawkin2004 (8:32:31 PM): Janitor: *quirks an eyebrow* Hey Dr. Cox, wanna help me out in this? I might need a partner, and troy is out for the week
emmyknickers (8:32:31 PM): JD: But it's true! He's got googly eyes when he's mad!
Ged chan (8:32:46 PM): Ben: He does.
emmyknickers (8:32:48 PM): JD: For the last time, leave my apartment alone! I'll call the cops....I will!
fadeinonme (8:32:54 PM): Dan: Ooh, I see the googly eyes
emmyknickers (8:32:56 PM): JD: See, even Ben agrees with me
splishybubbles (8:33:03 PM): Elliot: I can't believe you people pay attention to that sort of thing!
Belle en Hiver (8:33:05 PM): Perry: *growls again* Will everyone stop paying attention to my eyes!
emmyknickers (8:33:14 PM): JD: But they're pretty
Ged chan (8:33:15 PM): Ben: But they're nice googly eyes, Perry =D
fadeinonme (8:33:17 PM): Dan: But they're all googly, big chief
Belle en Hiver (8:33:36 PM): Perry: *shoves JD away* No they aren't! I'm a man! Nothing about me is PRETTY.
emmyknickers (8:33:38 PM): JD: *ahem* Pretty...uh...pretty...something
Ged chan (8:34:14 PM): Ben: *sidles up to Elliot and puts an arm around her shoulder* So, what's up?
Belle en Hiver (8:34:23 PM): Perry: *grumbly* I'm buying myself a new pair of sunglasses.
splishybubbles (8:34:36 PM): Elliot: Ummmm.....you're touching me.
Nighthawkin2004 (8:34:37 PM): Janitor: Hrm, I have to say, your eyes are quite ridiculously blue. You should get that checked out
Ged chan (8:34:40 PM): Ben: You look pretty in sun glasses too *snorts*
Ged chan (8:34:59 PM): Ben: *blinks* Yes, I guess I am. O_o
emmyknickers (8:35:13 PM): JD: You should get the blue kind of sunglasses to accenuate the bluey blueness of it
emmyknickers (8:35:27 PM): JD: Not that I know what color sunglasses make certain eye colors look good...*pockets his new teal sunglasses*
Nighthawkin2004 (8:35:27 PM): Janitor: And again I ask, would you like to join me in this escapade Dr Cox?
splishybubbles (8:35:44 PM): Elliot: JD, you're just digging a deeper hole.
splishybubbles (8:35:54 PM): Elliot: ...yeah. Um. Why?
Belle en Hiver (8:36:00 PM): Perry: *gives up and groans* *turns to the Janitor* Just tell me what to do.
emmyknickers (8:36:11 PM): JD: So says the girl who made fun of Jehovah's Witnesses in front of a guy whose mother is one, and then called her Morgan Freeman
Nighthawkin2004 (8:36:15 PM): Janitor: So you're vain too Scooter? The rest of us peasants don't know how to match sunglasses with eye color?
emmyknickers (8:36:32 PM): JD: I didn't say you were a peasant...*gives up and resigns himself to the fact that he'll have to move*
Nighthawkin2004 (8:36:42 PM): Janitor: Just like you to ignore us normal people
Ged chan (8:36:42 PM): Ben: Friendly gesture, casual greeting, you can pick which reason why.
emmyknickers (8:36:44 PM): JD: I have other options...go ahead and ransack it...I won't be there, so ha *smug grin*
fadeinonme (8:36:53 PM): Dan: I'd have to agree with her. *thinks ooh boobies and sidles up next to Ben and Elliot* Hiii!
emmyknickers (8:36:53 PM): JD: I wasn't ignoring you either!
Nighthawkin2004 (8:37:06 PM): Janitor: And I'll need you to simply make sure Scooter is at the apartment at said date.
emmyknickers (8:37:16 PM): JD: No one can make me be anywhere!
Nighthawkin2004 (8:37:24 PM): Janitor: Dr. Cox can.
emmyknickers (8:37:26 PM): JD: I'll move...get into the Witness Protection Program!
splishybubbles (8:37:34 PM): Elliot: Who knows? I dunno. Hi! ...wow.
Ged chan (8:37:35 PM): Ben: *arm goes around Dan*
emmyknickers (8:37:41 PM): JD: *daydreams about becoming a pimp in LA* My name'll be Dizzley Ooglo...
emmyknickers (8:37:49 PM): JD: Dr. Cox can't make me do anything!
emmyknickers (8:37:53 PM): JD: *wants to punch himself*
Nighthawkin2004 (8:37:55 PM): Janitor: Heh,we'll see
emmyknickers (8:38:01 PM): JD: *looks at Ben and Dan* O.o
Ged chan (8:38:05 PM): Ben: You could move in with me too, if you'd like
emmyknickers (8:38:05 PM): JD: Something new everyday...
fadeinonme (8:38:39 PM): Dan: : D
emmyknickers (8:38:56 PM): JD: My brother is a manwhore and my apartment's going to get ransacked by my mentor and a psycho...
splishybubbles (8:39:05 PM): Elliot: Poor you.
emmyknickers (8:39:15 PM): JD: Hold me?
Ged chan (8:39:35 PM): Ben: Most people would be begging to have your sex life...? That IS what we're talking about?
fadeinonme (8:39:40 PM): Dan: And Ben and I are going to take over the hospital.
splishybubbles (8:39:42 PM): Elliot: ...no.
Nighthawkin2004 (8:39:48 PM): Janitor: Oh, so now you're using Blond Doctor as your safety net?
fadeinonme (8:39:48 PM): Dan: Little brother has a sex life?
Nighthawkin2004 (8:39:54 PM): Janitor: For shame..
Ged chan (8:39:55 PM): Ben: Oh, my bad.
emmyknickers (8:40:01 PM): JD: Stop talking about my sex life! I have one!
splishybubbles (8:40:10 PM): Elliot: No you don't.
Ged chan (8:40:19 PM): Ben: *leers* I could help you with that.
Nighthawkin2004 (8:40:19 PM): Janitor: Having sex with yourself is not a sex life.
emmyknickers (8:40:29 PM): JD: *hisses at Elliot* Stop it or I'll tell everyone about your crush on the she-devil!
emmyknickers (8:40:37 PM): JD: I have a great sex life involving lots and lots of people.
Nighthawkin2004 (8:40:41 PM): Janitor: Believe me, I learned that the hard way... *sigh*
emmyknickers (8:40:43 PM): JD: Just ask...um...someone.
emmyknickers (8:40:47 PM): JD: *groans*
Ged chan (8:41:02 PM): Ben *raises an eyebrow at Elliot* Is he talking about my little sister?
splishybubbles (8:41:09 PM): Elliot: ......what crush on who?
emmyknickers (8:41:17 PM): JD: How do you *do* that?
Ged chan (8:41:32 PM): Ben: Magic.
Nighthawkin2004 (8:41:35 PM): Janitor: And now I long for the simple act of kindness like a hung *eyes Elliot* Oh won't someone heal my pain?
Nighthawkin2004 (8:41:39 PM): *hug
splishybubbles (8:41:48 PM): Elliot: *O.O WTF*
fadeinonme (8:41:51 PM): Dan: Ben is quite magical.
Belle en Hiver (8:41:54 PM): Perry: Now there's some brow-raising news. Say, Barbie, when were you gonna let me on the whole wanting to bang my ex-wife thing, huh?
emmyknickers (8:42:10 PM): JD: *is now content*
Ged chan (8:42:13 PM): Ben: *still confused about that*
splishybubbles (8:42:29 PM): Elliot: ...oh, sure. *Gives the Janitor a hug* and I do not have a crush on anyone! Stop it!
Nighthawkin2004 (8:42:57 PM): Janitor: Yaay! :-)
Ged chan (8:42:58 PM): Ben: *looks at Perry* I just can't figure out why anyone would want to sleep with her, she's no fun. *rolls eyes*
emmyknickers (8:43:04 PM): JD: that's not what Laverne was telling me...she saw you and Dragon hanging outside of the elevator
emmyknickers (8:43:15 PM): JD: She's plenty of fun *claps a hand over his mouth*
Nighthawkin2004 (8:43:32 PM): Janitor: *mutters something to Elliot that she can use as a retort to JD*
Ged chan (8:43:41 PM): Ben: *stares at JD* I guess we have something in common then, we've both slept with my sister
Belle en Hiver (8:43:46 PM): Perry: *glares at Ben* Hey, some people don't like fun.
emmyknickers (8:43:48 PM): JD: o.o
Ged chan (8:43:50 PM): Ben: *looks creepy serious*
emmyknickers (8:44:03 PM): JD: Oooohhhhkkkkaaayyy.....
splishybubbles (8:44:05 PM): Elliot: *Uses that something as a retort?*
emmyknickers (8:44:31 PM): JD: *mutters* any fun is good
emmyknickers (8:44:36 PM): JD: "fun" anyway
Ged chan (8:44:40 PM): Ben: Don't like fun? That wasn't what you said last time Perry.
emmyknickers (8:44:46 PM): JD: o.o
Ged chan (8:44:50 PM): Ben: *smirks*
emmyknickers (8:45:06 PM): JD: Okay, I am officially in the land of awkward, and Ben is king.
Ged chan (8:45:26 PM): Ben: Thank you. =D
splishybubbles (8:45:29 PM): Elliot: All hail king Ben.
Belle en Hiver (8:45:38 PM): Perry: v_v;
fadeinonme (8:45:54 PM): Ben: I'll hail him all right
emmyknickers (8:46:02 PM): JD: Should we bow down now or later?
Ged chan (8:46:04 PM): Ben: C'mon guys, you're going to make me blush. *grins*
Nighthawkin2004 (8:46:18 PM): Janitor: *hands him a paper crown*
Ged chan (8:47:08 PM): Ben: Thank you *puts it on*
Ged chan (8:47:36 PM): Ben: Haven't slept with you yet though *raises an eyebrow at the Janitor*
Nighthawkin2004 (8:47:48 PM): Janitor: *snaps finger* *several janitors run forwards with wooden throne and hoist ben up on it*
Nighthawkin2004 (8:47:59 PM): Janitor: *winks at him* Yet is the key word
emmyknickers (8:48:02 PM): JD: *wonders if he can slink away while the gettings good*
fadeinonme (8:48:18 PM): Dan: So many threesome possibilities here
Ged chan (8:48:22 PM): Ben: Hehe, sounds about right.
emmyknickers (8:48:25 PM): JD: My brain hurts...
Belle en Hiver (8:48:28 PM): Perry: o_O NO. Bad Ben. No cookie.
Nighthawkin2004 (8:48:30 PM): Janitor: Hooo no you don't Scooter *grabs him by the shoulders*
emmyknickers (8:48:40 PM): JD: *freeze* *whines* Let go...
Nighthawkin2004 (8:48:40 PM): Janitor: Bow to your king!
Ged chan (8:48:47 PM): Ben: *pouts* Oh come on Perry! It was just starting to get good..
emmyknickers (8:48:50 PM): JD: No way! How girly do I *look*?
emmyknickers (8:48:57 PM): JD: -_-
Nighthawkin2004 (8:48:58 PM): Janitor: Very. Now bow.
emmyknickers (8:49:02 PM): JD: Why me...
Nighthawkin2004 (8:49:11 PM): Janitor: Because I despise you
Nighthawkin2004 (8:49:19 PM): Janitor: And because you're you
emmyknickers (8:49:25 PM): JD: *grumbles but doesn't want to get hit anymore* Fine. *bows down and tries to give everyone a nice view of the butt he's been working on*
Ged chan (8:49:52 PM): Ben: You could always sit on my lap instead. =)
emmyknickers (8:50:04 PM): JD: Anything to get away from Janitor... *hops on Ben's lap*
emmyknickers (8:50:21 PM): JD: *smirks at Dr. Cox* See, he likes me.
Ged chan (8:50:31 PM): Ben: *looks pleased* I'm not the only one.
emmyknickers (8:50:35 PM): JD: Huh?
Nighthawkin2004 (8:50:47 PM): Janitor: You are a manwhore scooter. men like you for your girly body
fadeinonme (8:51:00 PM): Dan: *smirks* It's fun to mess with Johnny.
Ged chan (8:51:09 PM): Ben: *pats JD on the butt* And you're kind of cute.
emmyknickers (8:51:18 PM): JD: *blushes*
emmyknickers (8:51:32 PM): JD: Um...thanks....Um...*glances nervously around* Uh...you too...?
Nighthawkin2004 (8:51:33 PM): Janitor: You see, Dr. Cox was right! Girl!
emmyknickers (8:51:42 PM): JD: I'm not a girl!
Nighthawkin2004 (8:51:57 PM): Janitor: *scribbles notes* Note to self, find his panty collection
Ged chan (8:52:00 PM): Ben: *looks kind of distant* Everyone is the girl with Perry >_>
Belle en Hiver (8:52:01 PM): Perry: *glares and growls, looking away*
emmyknickers (8:52:05 PM): JD: I don't have a panty collection!
Nighthawkin2004 (8:52:25 PM): Janitor: I would be the man in a relationship with Dr. Cox, hands down
Belle en Hiver (8:52:32 PM): Perry: *twitches*
emmyknickers (8:52:37 PM): JD: Oh...*plugs his ears* so not hearing this...
emmyknickers (8:52:50 PM): JD: *turns a pleading look to Ben* You're the king of awkward...make them stop
Nighthawkin2004 (8:52:51 PM): Janitor: By the way, do you like squirrels kid?
Ged chan (8:53:05 PM): Ben: *helps cover JD's ears* Oh? I'd like to see that. Can I bring my camera?
emmyknickers (8:53:05 PM): JD: Um...they're kinda...cute...I guess.
Belle en Hiver (8:53:08 PM): Perry: No, you aren't because NO ONE IS GOING TO TALK ABOUT THIS ANYMORE.
Nighthawkin2004 (8:53:26 PM): Janitor: Hookay then! Apartment of squirrels it is!
Nighthawkin2004 (8:53:45 PM): Janitor: I think he's about to burst a vein.
emmyknickers (8:53:49 PM): JD: *notes Dr. Cox's uncomfortable look* Huh...never seen him look like *that* before...kinda cool...
emmyknickers (8:53:51 PM): JD: :-)
Ged chan (8:54:09 PM): Ben: You should see him when I *whispers in JD's ear*
emmyknickers (8:54:16 PM): JD: O.O!!!!!
Nighthawkin2004 (8:54:21 PM): Janitor: Apartment filled with stuffed dead squirrels, that is
Belle en Hiver (8:54:28 PM): Perry: BEN! *turns red, twitches some more*
emmyknickers (8:54:38 PM): JD: I think I get it now...
Ged chan (8:54:55 PM): Ben: What? I was just telling him about the time I made you sing old eighties songs
emmyknickers (8:55:06 PM): JD: It all makes sense...
emmyknickers (8:55:10 PM): JD: *smirks*
emmyknickers (8:55:17 PM): JD: Yeah...sure... *winks at Ben*
emmyknickers (8:55:27 PM): JD: Wait, apartment filled with WHAT...?
Nighthawkin2004 (8:55:39 PM): Janitor: Ben, can I just drink with you sometime? Because really, you are the resource for good blackmail
Ged chan (8:56:06 PM): Ben: Hmmm... I suppose. Just as long as I'm not held accountable for it.
Ged chan (8:56:30 PM): Ben: I'm everyones ((man whore)) friend.
Belle en Hiver (8:56:33 PM): Perry: *lets out a frustrated roar and collapses into the nearest chair, crossing his arms and glaring a hole into whatever dare be in front of him*
emmyknickers (8:56:45 PM): JD: Never seen him do that before....huh
Ged chan (8:57:10 PM): Ben: Oh, you haven't seen him do a lot. *bounces JD on his lap for amusement*
fadeinonme (8:57:26 PM): Dan: *is highly amused*
emmyknickers (8:57:31 PM): JD: Really? What else has he done? *giggles in Ben's lap*
Nighthawkin2004 (8:57:38 PM): Janitor: *blinks and stands in front of Cox* Hey, if you want to drink with us, you don't have to pout
Nighthawkin2004 (8:58:23 PM): Janitor: I'm sure Crazy Picture Taking Guy can give you some Scooter blackmail too
Belle en Hiver (8:58:25 PM): Perry: I don't think I've ever heard a better idea in my life.
emmyknickers (8:59:12 PM): JD: But Ben doesn't even know anything about me!
Ged chan (8:59:20 PM): Ben: Oh, you know I would never betray your trust Perry, I'm just teasing. *gives him puppy dog eyes*
emmyknickers (8:59:50 PM): JD: *pokes Ben* Come on...what's the craziest thing Per's ever done?
Belle en Hiver (9:00:18 PM): Perry: *grudgingly lets up* You tease too much.
Nighthawkin2004 (9:00:20 PM): Janitor: I think I actually want to hear this too
emmyknickers (9:00:23 PM): JD: *giggles at himself* Per...
emmyknickers (9:00:26 PM): JD: I said it...
emmyknickers (9:00:34 PM): JD: Come on, Ben...what's the wildest?
Ged chan (9:00:35 PM): Ben: *thinks* I don't know, he's done quiet a few amusing things, especially if you get him to drink enough.
emmyknickers (9:00:38 PM): JD: Really
Belle en Hiver (9:00:41 PM): Perry: *picks up the nearest object to him and flings it at JD's head*
Nighthawkin2004 (9:00:43 PM): Janitor: Hrm....
Belle en Hiver (9:00:45 PM): Perry: Had to be done.
emmyknickers (9:00:47 PM): JD: *files it away even though he doesn't know why*
emmyknickers (9:00:59 PM): JD: Hey! *tries to duck but gets beaned on the head by a water cup* Ouchie! *rubs head* That hurt...
Belle en Hiver (9:01:18 PM): Perry: Don't call me that.
Nighthawkin2004 (9:01:23 PM): Janitor: *grins* Thank your Dr. Angry Bastard, that made my day =D
Belle en Hiver (9:01:40 PM): Perry: *nods in Janitors direction*
Ged chan (9:01:41 PM): Ben: *pats JD on the head, then picks him up as he stand, puts him down on the wooden throne, and goes to invade Perry's personal space*
emmyknickers (9:01:51 PM): JD: Someone kiss it and make it better?
emmyknickers (9:02:00 PM): JD: Woot! I'm the king now!
Nighthawkin2004 (9:02:04 PM): Janitor: I can mop it if you'd like
emmyknickers (9:02:16 PM): JD: No!
Nighthawkin2004 (9:02:25 PM): Janitor: *snaps fingers**janitors reappear and swipe the throne out from under him*
Belle en Hiver (9:02:30 PM): Perry: *sees Ben coming and prepares himself* *narrows his eyes*
emmyknickers (9:03:03 PM): JD: *hits the floor* Ouchies...
emmyknickers (9:03:15 PM): JD: Why do you torment me?
Ged chan (9:03:21 PM): Ben: *grins at the look on Perry's face* Kiss and make up buddy?
emmyknickers (9:03:31 PM): JD: o.o!
Nighthawkin2004 (9:03:48 PM): Janitor: Why do you think?
emmyknickers (9:04:03 PM): JD: I don't know...you got some crazy crush on me?
Belle en Hiver (9:04:04 PM): Perry: *frowns* Later.
Ged chan (9:04:17 PM): Ben: *shrugs* Ok.
Nighthawkin2004 (9:04:29 PM): Janitor: Only in your crazy fantasies kid
emmyknickers (9:04:33 PM): JD: So, Elliot...about staying at your place...?
emmyknickers (9:04:39 PM): JD: Why else would you torture me so?
Nighthawkin2004 (9:04:50 PM): Janitor: Speaking of which, what is up with that?
splishybubbles (9:04:50 PM): Elliot: As long as you follow the rules, I don't see why not.
emmyknickers (9:04:57 PM): JD: Cool *breathes a sigh of relief*
Nighthawkin2004 (9:05:04 PM): Janitor: I should sue you for sexual harassment
(9:05:13 PM) emmyknickers has left the room.
Nighthawkin2004 (9:05:47 PM): Janitor: I have to go meet with my acting class
Ged chan (9:06:06 PM): Ben: Alright, remember, we have a drink to get sometime.
Nighthawkin2004 (9:06:10 PM): Janitor: Okay Per, just make sure the kid gets home a litte early tomrrw
Nighthawkin2004 (9:06:33 PM): Janitor: And I'm up for a drink any time you like *hands him his number*
Belle en Hiver (9:06:42 PM): Perry: *raises a brow* Will do. And don't call me that.
Ged chan (9:07:01 PM): Ben: *big grin ashe pockets it*
Ged chan (9:07:05 PM): as he*
Nighthawkin2004 (9:07:27 PM): Janitor: Whatever you say, Dr. Angry Face
Ged chan (9:07:52 PM): Ben: *Snorts at the nickname*
splishybubbles (9:08:03 PM): Elliot: *Does too*
Belle en Hiver (9:08:05 PM): Perry: *growls*
Nighthawkin2004 (9:08:24 PM): Janitor: You two have fun with those keys now, and please be courteous about keeping any and all storage closets useable after you finsh in them
Ged chan (9:08:28 PM): Ben: *pats Perry on the back when no one is paying attention*
Nighthawkin2004 (9:08:56 PM): Janitor: Gutennacht!
fadeinonme (9:09:16 PM): Dan: Oh we'll have fun with the keys. ^^
Belle en Hiver (9:09:39 PM): Perry: *discreetly leans his head back against Ben*
(9:09:58 PM) Nighthawkin2004 has left the room.
(9:11:19 PM) emmyknickers has entered the room.
emmyknickers (9:12:56 PM): JD: Sorry...I...disappeared for a minute. I teleported, yeah
emmyknickers (9:13:32 PM): JD: Cause I have magic powers :D
fadeinonme (9:13:43 PM): Dan: You can teleport? Woah. That would also be useful in our take over of the hospital. >:D
emmyknickers (9:13:50 PM): JD: You're not taking over the hospital, Dan!
Belle en Hiver (9:14:08 PM): Perry: And just when I was getting used to the quiet again. *sighs*
Ged chan (9:14:17 PM): Ben: *secretly runs a hand down Perry's spine*
emmyknickers (9:14:17 PM): JD: I can be quiet :P
emmyknickers (9:14:35 PM): JD: *makes an appletini* Yum...
Belle en Hiver (9:14:55 PM): Perry: *pretends not to shiver and shoots Ben a warning look*
Ged chan (9:15:09 PM): Ben: Throw me a beer if you have one hiden somewhere, JD
emmyknickers (9:15:21 PM): JD: *throws Ben a beer*
Ged chan (9:15:59 PM): Ben: *pretends not to notice* *catches beer, opens it and starts to sip at it*
emmyknickers (9:18:45 PM): JD: Per's face looks red...
emmyknickers (9:19:02 PM): JD: *wonders what Ben's doing to annoy him now*
Ged chan (9:19:09 PM): Ben: Maybe he needs a beer too.
Belle en Hiver (9:19:16 PM): Perry: Stop calling me that!
emmyknickers (9:19:28 PM): JD: *pouts*
Ged chan (9:19:36 PM): Ben: *pats him on the butt*
emmyknickers (9:20:27 PM): JD: *turns red* Did you just pat me on the butt?
Belle en Hiver (9:20:40 PM): Perry: v__v don't give me that look, Newbie.
emmyknickers (9:20:53 PM): JD: *is now red-faced and pouting*
Ged chan (9:21:04 PM): Ben: Perhaps. Why, did you like it?
emmyknickers (9:21:18 PM): JD: Um...I don't know...*pats his own butt to see if he likes it or not*
emmyknickers (9:21:50 PM): JD: Kinda like light spanking...*remembers the wheelbarrow position of his parents and shudders*
Ged chan (9:21:56 PM): Ben: *Raises a curious eyebrow*
emmyknickers (9:22:46 PM): JD: *snaps out of his daydream* I don't like wheelbarrows...
Ged chan (9:23:03 PM): Ben: That's too bad... I could help you with that too.
emmyknickers (9:23:15 PM): JD: o.o!
splishybubbles (9:23:23 PM): Elliot: This is slightly disturbing.
emmyknickers (9:23:34 PM): JD: I...uh...I think I agree...maybe...kinda...
Ged chan (9:24:13 PM): Ben: *looks at both of them, magically pulls out his camera, and takes pictures of their slightly disturbed faces*
emmyknickers (9:24:21 PM): JD: *blinks* Hey!
Ged chan (9:24:28 PM): Ben: Had to wait for this moment- but it was so worth it.
emmyknickers (9:24:53 PM): JD: Why a camera? Can't you use your long-term memory like everyone else?
Ged chan (9:25:22 PM): Ben: Nope.
fadeinonme (9:25:23 PM): Dan: Cause with pictures you can share! And post on the interweb and use as black mail. : )
Ged chan (9:25:35 PM): Ben: That too.
emmyknickers (9:25:45 PM): JD: Like the one I have of you kissing our cousin George at the christmas party when we were teenagers? *smirks*
Ged chan (9:26:22 PM): Ben: *gives Dan a suggestive look, then his eyes flick between JD and him*
emmyknickers (9:26:28 PM): JD: *dazedly* Fun times, fun times...
emmyknickers (9:26:32 PM): JD: Lots of spiked egg nog...
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