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Roleplay FAQ - Please Read

Before joining the roleplay, please read this post.

Q. Can I make an Original Character?
Not right now. For now, we're going to just focus on canon characters. However, if the option proves to be in demand, we'll look at opening up the option.

Q. What if I never post? Will I get kicked out?
Afraid so - as the rules state, at least one post a month is required, unless you have good reason (in which case, please contact one of the mods). This is so we have a certain level of commitment, and so we also have active characters.

Q. If I get kicked out, and want to rejoin, can I?
You can re-apply, of course.

Q. How long does it usually take for any application to join the roleplay to be seen to?
No exact amount of time can be given, of course. But going on how much time both of your friendly mods stay online, the latest you could expect is 1-2 days. Certainly nothing longer - hours, is a more realistic amount of time.

Q. Can I play more than one character?
Afraid not, sorry!

Q. I've been accepted so what do I do now?
Ola! As stated in the application thread, get yourself a character journal and post in the application thread to let us know what your character journal is. Then please friend the community with your character journal. As new characters join up, they'll be added to the roster post - please add everyone's character journals from there.

Q Can we start a thread, or is it just mods?
Please do start a thread! However, each new thread should includethe following at the start of the post;


Each of these, is to set a scene for us all.
Who, will be the characters involved. If you are setting up a thread for only certain people and have sorted out a plot line to go in there, only write down those characters and 'closed' (examble - who: JD and Turk, Closed). If the post is just a general one for everyone to join in, put your character name and then follow it with 'open'.
Where is self explanatory. This tells us where the scene will be taking place.
When helps to establish a time line.

So combining the three, an example would be;

Who JD and Turk
Where The break room at Sacred Heart
When Around 4pm

Please remember to friends lock all your posts.

Q. Does it matter what length my post is?
It doesn't. However, we do ask that you mix it up a bit. One liner posts are good, as are posts 3 paragraphs long. Whatever fits into the moment, post. However, all thread starters do need to be more than one line long. Also please make sure to post something someone could actually reply to!

Q.When should I start a new thread?
That one is up to you. However, in this kind of roleplay, you can keep threads going for hundreds of posts. Not all threads will last that long, but if there is no significant change in what time the thread is set in, then use your best judgement. However, don't feel like you need a new thread for each location change. If you can keep it gonig in one, great =D.

Q. How graphic can my posts be, be they medical scenes, or posts of a more intimate nature?
This one is again up to you. After all, there are communities on here dedicated to smut filled fanfiction (How I love those!), so if you feel the need to be graphic in the more intimate situations, that's your choice. Only ever post what you are comfortable with, and don't try to force somebody into posting things they don't feel the need to post.
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