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Inner Monologue

perhaps its just imagination

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Open and Accepting Applications!

Inner Monologue picks up after My Overkill (season 2, episode 1) ends and runs off on its own path. The drama that Jordan stirred up has settled again and everyone is on pretty good terms with each other. Dr. Cox is torturing JD again, Turk and Carla aren't fighting anymore and Elliot is... well, neurotic and crazy, but not hiding from her friends. Kelso is still Satan incarnate, but what can you do?

Because this RP is jumping off from the middle of the series, there are important things you have to keep in mind while playing. No one has gotten married (though keep in mind that Dr. Cox and Jordan are still unknowingly married, as well as Ted and his still-unseen wife), no one is pregnant or has children, and with the exception of Turk and Carla, no one is in a relationship. JD and Elliot are Residents, but Turk is still an intern. Be aware of what your character has and hasn't done, learned, or said by this point in the show. There are a lot of important things that happen after this point, so keep in mind that those things have not happened in this RP. Things like Elliot being cut off from her parents' money, Ben dying (though he has been introduced and does have cancer by this point), Jack being born, JD's dad dying, Turk having diabetes, etc. These things haven't happened, and hell, if you decide not to have them happen, then they don't have to. Or, if you do want them to happen, they don't have to happen in exactly the same way they did on the show, though certain details will be kept true to the original events (for example, JD being given a cake if his dad dies, or Elliot having to move if she gets cut off).

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001. Roleplayers must be at least 16 years of age. Like all roleplays, this one deals with adult situations such as rape, murder, abuse etc, and will obviously have some case heavy posts, for those medic whizz kids out there, which can be rather graphic. If you feel uncomfortable with subjects such as these, please do keep in mind that these kinds of subjects will come up in this rp.

002. Create a character-specific LJ. When you've applied, go create yourself a character LJ. You'll use this one in the roleplay, and will join the community with this one. What you do with the journal out of RP is up to you. Some people post in the LJ as if it was indeed the characters journal, some couldn't give a rat's ass. Its your choice, in that matter!

003. Absolutely no fighting. I know, I know, there's a lot of yelling, hitting, screaming and crying among the characters, and that's perfectly fine. Everyone needs a little drama every now and then. I mean you, as a player, fighting with other players. Don't do it. You'll get your ass handed to you. Drama in the roleplay is fine, however!

004. No out-of-character actions. Don't come tattling on someone if they say a couple things that you don't think their character would say, but try to police yourself against it on the whole. We want accuracy, but more importantly, we want to have fun. But keep in mind, characters such as Carla wouldn't suddenly fall head over heels for Ted and run off with him to have 37 children, they all name after Kelso. See what we're getting at?

005. Discuss big decisions. At least one form of contact is required, such as a well used email address. However, a screen name for AIM, MSN, Yahoo or some other chat client is preferred. This is basically so other roleplayers can get in contact, to discuss character direction and storylines. Please don't just post, and push another roleplayer into a certain story arc. Be respectful of the fact some people may not want their character involved in your storyline. So don't push them, or you may end up with a slap on the wrist.

006. Be respectful of other roleplayer's choices. If you approach someone who doesn't want to do a specific plot line with you, be respectful. Back down, and don't push them into it. However, if someone asks you and you're not keen to join in with their idea, be just as respectful in your decline. Don't go all Dr. Cox on them and rant till they lose the will to live. Be polite, say no, and don't get into arguments.

007. Stick with what you know, or what you can research. We certainly don't know a lot of medical jargon (or terminology, for the picky), and we don't expect everyone else to know an awful lot either. You can either avoid conversations about patients, hedge around them blindly (though beware the anal retentive players that aren't afraid to call you on your bullshitting), or research whatever it is your character is going on about. Please be aware of what your character does and doesn't know, though, before you jump into a discussion about it.

008. Post often, or as often as you can. No one is going to ban you for taking a two week vacation, but we'd rather have you in the game than lurking outside it. If life catches up with you, that's okay, just let us know. Hell, make up an excuse for your character to be gone so that the rest of us have something to talk about between shifts and during sleepness nights. If you out-and-out abandon the game, though (more than 4 weeks of absence without an explanation), you will be replaced mercilessly. Sorry, champ. A main post at least once a month is expected, so we know you're getting involved.

009. No Original Characters. I know that in Scrubs there are characters and that come and go and come and go, but they're all temporary, even if they have a repeating role. Original Characters are not temporary, so I don't want applications for your hot new intern that you're sure J.D. wants to hook up with. There are plenty of characters for you to play with and build on without bringing in new faces.

010. We love the gay. Ohhh do we. This is a slash and femmeslash happy zone, and it is not only okay, but encouraged. If you're against the practice of slash or femmeslash, show yourself the door. This in no way means that you can't keep your character straight if that's how you truly like to play him or her, it just means we won't make that be your only choice. If you're being harrassed by other players over the sexuality of your character (or at all), tell a mod immediately.

011. Be silly. This is a comedy, people. Be outrageous, be a dork, say completely innapropriate things. We want you to make us laugh until we're peeing ourselves. There's a time and place for you to be just as serious and dramatic, but PLEASE do not let it overrun the RP. We love this show because of its side-splittingly hilarity first, deep and hard-hitting drama second.

012. Please use proper English and punctuation! Please do not make posts lYkE DiS!!11!. Please keep to a good standard of punctuation, spelling and grammar. We’re not asking for military style perfection, but a post that is easy to read and understand.

013. Add in a dislaimer! Please, for the love of God, make sure your character journal makes it clear that neither us, nor you own the character.

014 Application Post: When applying, please put ‘i'm no superman’ as your applications heading. This is just so we know you’ve read the rules, and so will have a good understanding of what to expect.

015. Have fun. That's what you're here for.

If you need anything, contact your friendly mods bellehiver (jesushcoxmd) and varymydays (im_just_dan_d)