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Character Application Form

Fill out and leave in a comment on this post only. DO NOT make an entire new entry with your application or Dr. Cox will come after you with a rolled up newspaper.

If you don't get your first choice, please consider applying for another character. We want as much of the staff playing as possible!

*About You the Player

-RP/Scrubs Experience: (characters you’ve played, your development as a Scrubs fan)
-Why do you want to be this character?
-Notes: (This is where you let me know what you want/like in an RP. What’s your favorite thing to RP? Least favorite? How do you feel about slash?)
-Contact Info: (AIM, e-mail, etc.)


-Sexual Preference: (if you don’t want to label your character with a sexual preference that’s fine)

-Physical Appearance: (Eye color, height, type of build/body, skin tone, hair color and style, predominant feature, style of clothes, how they appear to others, scars, etc)
-Personality: (General, strengths, weaknesses, biggest vulnerability)
-Background: (Hometown, type of childhood, most important childhood event that still affects him/her, education, what brought them to where they are today)

*Sample RP Post*: (Should be in third person, just writing your character)
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