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New battle, same old war

Who: Dr. Cox, Dr. Kelso, open
Where: Sacred Heart
When: Daytime

Perry wheeled Mrs. Harrington back into her room, having just snuck her into have her chest x-rayed. She'd been admitted that morning, unconcious, and he'd learned just an hour ago that she didn't have any insurance to speak of, so he'd jumped to get her into labs ordered for the most recently deceased patient Carla could dig up - it wasn't exactly hard finding one now that Nervous Guy was running around, of course.

It was rare that he'd been found out about his undercover fraud when it came to helping out his patients like this, but he wasn't stupid enough not to be careful when he had to do this. Secretly, he loved it. The sneaking around, helping people who actually need it, and the chance of getting caught and pissing the everloving crap out of Big Bob. It was what he lived for, really.

"Don't look confused if you hear me, or any of the nursing staff referring to you as 'Mrs. Gerrity', got it?" he asked his patient, leaning down to whisper into her ear conspiratorily.
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